Making online business Simpler
23 July Tuesday 2:56pm

Making online business Simpler

Making life easier not harder



FileXchange is the light-weight version of our Online Docstore product, designed to be integrated with your existing website or used as a free-standing product. FileXchange  is all about fast and secure file sharing, secure file storage, and simple management, and includes every security features provided with Online Docstore. 


So - why would you use FileXchange?


Simple really. For other large file transfer or online storage solutions you are usually signing away your copyright ...

You are also risking losing your data, as many services spread your data across the web on many servers, with little or no guarantee that if anything goes astray they will even bother rescuing it for you. On top of that, after a period of time you lose access to the files. With FileXchange, your files are secure, backed up and available 24/7 for you and your clients ... and for as long as you want.


  • Secure and fast file sharing
  • Public Document section for those items that you want available for all ...
  • User-friendly account dashboard makes it easy to manage your files.


The perfect solution for accountants, mortgage brokers, design houses, advertising agencies - share big files - Securely ........ and never worry about a lost attachment again.

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